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I am Dierk Ohlerich, born 1970 in Stade, Germany. Today I live in Hamburg where I work as a programmer for VCC Entertainment, a game developer. I worked on lot's of games for Amiga, Atari ST, Playstation, Saturn, PC, Dreamcast and Playstation2.

Although I quite enjoy this profession, it is even more fun to me to write so called "demos", selfrunning programs that have no purpose but to please anyone who watches them. There is a large comunity called the demo scene where my productions have been hugely successfull. Most of this homepage is about watching and programming demos.

What do I like? I like The Pixies, New Model Army and Nine Inch Nails. I like Fightclub and Amelie.

I like doing the same thing over and over again if it was fun. Maybe that's why I like playing Diablo II and Masters of Orion II. Maybe that's why I have read the whole Hornblower a dozen times. Maybe that's why I reinvent the wheel all the time when I program my demos.

Some people say I like spelling errors, why should I do so many of them otherwise?