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  • Why xyzw ?

    (a) In 3d programming, the notation of four dimensional vectors is common. The fourth dimension is usually called w and is usually set to 1 or 0. This simplifies some notation, and can be further exploited for perspective transform. Most 3d hardware uses vector registers with components usually called x, y, z and w.
    (b) rgba was already registered.

  • What is a demo
    A demo is a computer program that generates video and audio in realtime. It's only use is to entertain the audience. People spend time developing demos because that's thier way of expressing themself or because they think they can impress someone with thier skill.

  • What is an intro
    Sometimes computer nerds want to impress someone even more by doing a demo with the limitiation that all programm code, graphics data and sound data must fit within 64k.