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Name: fr-019: poem to a horse
Platform: Win32 / DirectX
Group: Farbrausch
Code: Chaos KB Ryg Doj
Graphics: fiver2
Music: kb
Party: mekka and symposium 2002
Date: apr-2002
Download: www.theproduct.de

Another Fiver2 & Chaos production, with the usual result (rank 1).

Four hours before the deadline, we gave up. Not that we didn't had several deadline extensions, but this demo didn't work on 3 of the four computers we tested, and that was just too bad. I fell asleep, but after two hours I woke up, started coding, fixed a bug, found out that one of the three computers didn't work at all and got the intro running on 3 out of 4 machines, which is ok (the final version should work everywhere). It was a huge success.

I was an organiser at the MS2002, and I was sleeping at the organisers sleeping place before the prizegiving. Usually I don't want to know who won before the ceremony, and decca, who was responsible for votecounting wouldn't tell me anyway, but while I was slowly waking up I heard several organisers discussing what they should do: Farbrausch was not only getting first and second prize in the intro compo, they also ruled quite a lot in the other areas. Wouldn't people get upset, since so many Farbrausch people are also organising? They decided to present the results as counted. Knowing the results in advance, I have never been that relaxed during a prizegiving ceremony :-)

Update August 2003: fr-019 is the first demo-scene production ever to be shown at the Siggraph!